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I am currently applying to carry out research into the effects of energy input decline on agricultural employment. I wanted to resurrect this blog as somewhere that I can not only write publicly and hopefully gain useful feedback, but also somewhere to record all the useful media, references and stories that I come across.

But first, an idea of where I’m coming from…



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And so it begins…

The World Food Programme (WFP) announced in March that the number of people they can help will fall greatly this year, due to the recent and sustained increase in the price of food. They are appealing to governments around the world to up their funding to meet their needs. A recent Al Jazeera programme highlighted the startling reality of the situation:

The WFP says at least $500 million is needed immediately.

Since last June, the cost of fuel and food worldwide has shot up by 55 per cent on average.

That spells bad news for more than 73 million people worldwide who rely on the UN for food handouts.

The deadline given for receiving the funding is May 1st. If they do not meet this target then many of the people reliant on the charity of others for their food will starve.

That’s right, whilst in a country such as the United Kingdom, recent grain price increases have raised the cost of bread and are putting pressure on pig farmers, elsewhere people will die.


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